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It can be a real challenge to perform at an optimum level in our distracted world. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, join Mark Struczewski as he has a conversation with a guest on how they operate at optimum levels. If you’re a person who really wants to be the best version of yourself, this podcast is for you.

Aug 31, 2017

To-do lists or reminders can be a very effective tool to help you be more productive. But do you know how to use them effectively?

App versus print (notebook)

Pros for app

  • You take your smart phone with you everywhere.
  • It will fix your spelling when you enter tasks (this is a big thing for me).
  • You can also speak to...

Aug 29, 2017

At the time I am recording this episode at the end of August 2017, I have 93 apps on my iPhone 7 Plus.


In episode 2, How to Choose a Productivity App, I gave you tips on finding useful productivity apps. Here’s a quick review:

  • Use what you already have. Every device comes with calendar, reminder/to-do and...

Aug 24, 2017


Truth #1: everyone gets the same 24 hours to spend each day.
Truth #2: how you spend your 24 hours is up to you.
Truth #3: if you don’t tell your time where to go, you WILL wonder where it went. Which brings me to...


Strategy #1: tell your time where to go, by scheduling. Use a single...

Aug 21, 2017

Becoming productive is more about what's going on in your head than techniques and apps.


No one knows everything about productivity. 

Become a lifelong student of productivity.

Make productivity fun.

Simplicity will get you further than complexity.

Not every strategy or app will work for you. Find what works...

Aug 17, 2017

In this episode, you'll learn how visualizing can improve your productivity.

Chances are good that you’ve heard of cutting out pictures of things you want to own someday and posting them around your house or in your office or in your car.



  • Choose something you REALLY want.
  • Picture what you want in...